Interoperability Partner program

At Hero, interoperability is fundamental to our product strategy. Our ambition is to be the communication and scheduling tool of choice for NHS Primary Care providers. To achieve this, we recognise we need to make Hero’s communication and scheduling functionality available wherever our users need it, including in in technology for:

  • Online consultation
  • Document management
  • Medication management
  • Recall management

Through our SDKs interoperability partners can incorporate our functionality into their own product, or they can build their own solution on top of our APIs.

How can you integrate Hero?

We offer two ways to integrate Hero functionality:

  1. SDKs – We offer multiple SDKs, enabling you to fully embed Hero’s existing Messaging and Scheduling functionality within your product. The SDKs are configurable, allowing you to pass in context and extract information. They can be customised to match your brand.
  2. APIs – If you prefer to incorporate our functionality directly into your own feature set, then you can build directly on the APIs used for our own Messaging and Scheduling SDKs

What Hero functionality can be accessed via the Partner program?

The interoperabilityprogram is focused on exposing Hero’s scheduling and messaging features:

  • Messaging – The ability to send an SMS or Email to a patient, incorporating a questionnaire link, booking link or 2-way reply. Through the SDK, you can upload and share secure attachment links.
  • Scheduling – The ability to book an appointment into Hero, either directly as part of a patient or administrator facing flow, or through a date of birth self-booking link (generated for a specific set of locations, practitioners and appointments)

We currently have SDKs for embedding:

  • Individual messaging, sending messages (email, SMS) incorporating questionnaire, booking links, 2-way replies and attachments

Over the coming months, we’re releasing SDKs for generating a booking link, and admin-led appointment booking. We have a relatively comprehensive set of API calls for sending messages, making bookings, and generating self-booking links.

What support will we get?

Once you’ve signed our Partner agreement, you will get:

  • Access to our Slack environment for developer support
  • Access to a staging branch for testing your development Documentation is available online.

How do I become a Partner?

Contact and we’ll share our Partner agreement for you to review and sign. The Partner agreement includes our SLA and rate-limits.