Creating a Booking Link

Hero Health's Booking Link API is designed to offer partners the ability to generate booking links for specific appointments in the Hero system.

Use cases

Patient invites

These booking links are generated for specific named patients.

On receipt of the link, the patient will be invited to authenticate with their date of birth, before continuing to book the selected appointment at the chosen location. To generate a patient invite, a Hero patient id must be passed to the CreateBookingLink call.

These links are ideally suited for direct patient messaging using SMS or email, individually or in bulk.

Generic link

It is also possible to generate a link without providing a specific patient.

In this case, the recipients of the link will be invited to authenticate using a Hero login method.

For NHS practices, this uses NHS Login; for private practices, this uses Hero's own email + login token authentication. These links can be used to invite a cohort of patients to book generically.