Step by step guide

This guide outlines the steps for generating Hero booking links.

Most of the calls on this API return Hero IDs for the reference data required to generate a link (patient, appointment type, location, practitioner). This allows a partner to build their own UI for link generation. If the relevant Hero IDs are already known, you can jump straight to step 5.

1. Retrieve your patient (optional)

If a patient invite is required, retrieve your patient from PDS and ensure they are registered at your practice using their NHS number and DOB.

Hero will trace the patient against the Spine using a PDS lookup to ensure the most up-to-date contact details are used. Once traced, Hero will attempt to find the patient in your associated practice's health record. If not found but the patient is appropriate (i.e. registered at a practice within your configured network), Hero will register the patient in the health record as a temporary patient.

If a generic booking link is needed, this step can be skipped.

  • "nhs_number": "123 456 7891",
  • "dob": "1992-01-01"

2. Select your appointment type

If not already known, query Hero for the appointment that you are inviting your patients to book.

3. Select your location

Select the location where the appointment will be delivered.

4. Select your practitioner (optional)

If desired, pre-select the practitioner who will deliver the appointment.

5. Generate your link

Using the information provided by the previous calls, generate your booking link.

  • "appointment_type_id": "1",
  • "location_id": "5",
  • "patient_id": "156",
  • "practitioner_id": "string",
  • "from_date": "1989-04-11",
  • "to_date": "1989-04-11",
  • "expiry_date": "2023-05-29",
  • "maximum_use_count": 1